Intelligent Laser Level

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Intelligent Laser Level
Intelligent Laser Level
Intelligent Laser Level
Intelligent Laser Level
Intelligent Laser Level

Intelligent Laser Level

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An intelligent laser level is a tool designed to help people accurately measure and level surfaces. It uses advanced technology to detect and measure surface irregularities, and then automatically adjust the level to ensure accuracy. Intelligent laser levels can be used in a variety of applications, including construction, carpentry, and surveying. They are typically more expensive than traditional laser levels, but they offer greater accuracy and precision.


  • Laser Wavelength: 505-660 nm
  • Laser Class: Class II [Output Power <1 mW]
  • Laser Color: Green
  • Accuracy: ±1/16in / 30ft (±2mm / 10m) 
  • Leveling Range: ±3°
  • Working Distance: 165 ft. (66 m) 
  • Remote Range: 60 ft (~18m)


What it does
The gadget eliminates all guessing by using sophisticated pendulum technology to automatically self-level 1/16in at 30ft.

When you want a straight and level reference point, consider it a hassle-free virtual chalk line!

It only takes three simple steps to start going.
1. Attach it
Using the 1/4-inch female fitting that is supplied, screw the laser to the tripod. This will make positioning and adjusting simple.
2. Turn on
When you turn on your laser, a level line will be produced right away. Choose the desired beams, then adjust the tripod so that the line lies precisely where you've marked it.
Square, Level, and Plumb 3.
Your hands will be free to drive nails or straighten up whatever is required.

All-inclusive layout kit

Everything you need to get set up in seconds

✔️ Intelligent Laser Level
✔️ Lifting Platform
✔️ Magnetic Rotating Wall Bracket
✔️ Remote Control
✔️ Lithium-ion Battery
✔️ Wall Plate
✔️ 1/4" Thread Mount
✔️ 5/8" Thread Mount
✔️ Power Charger